About us

MERCURY CERÁMICA is a family business dedicated to the ceramic industry that has 30 years of experience in the manufacture of small-size ceramic tiles, both for flooring and wall tiles, our flagship product being the ceramic press skirting board.

Our main value lays in the manufacturing process, since from our facilities we carry out the entire design, development and manufacturing process of the product, thus being more efficient and decisive for our clients.


Small size ceramic tiles manufacturers

Passion for ceramic design

Mercury Cerámica's mission is the constant creation of projects for professional sectors linked to construction, architecture and interior design; with customized projects, working hand in hand with clients from the beginning, responding to their needs throughout the evolution of the process and advising them until the final vision of the ceramic project

We develop custom projects

Trusted ceramic partner

"We are specialists in customizing pieces, adapting them to the format and relief that the client requires until we achieve a product with unique and exclusive finishes, materials and effects." We develop and manufacture small-format ceramic products and skirting boards for Spanish and European factories


Leading company in the manufacture of ceramic skirting boards

Ceramic press skirting is our specialty, since we are the only current manufacturer in Spain that produces it and one of the first in Europe.

Ceramic skirting board is a durable material, with indicators of high resistance to aggressive chemicals. It protects the walls from bumps or scratches and allows dirt not to adhere, remaining clean for longer.