Give free rein to your creativity by creating a bathroom with a unique design with Mercury Cerámica

If there is a space in which small format tiles shine in all their splendor, it is the bathroom, due to its intimate and personal character. This room of our home offers a wide range of possibilities to give free rein to creati- vity. Discover how our ceramic tile pieces can completely transform the space from a bland and functional environment to a temple of wellness and self-care.

Create a unique bathroom by mixing different tile formats, combining contrasting tones and creating dy- namic compositions by incorporating decorations together with plain pieces. In this way, you will achieve a final result that goes beyond the conventional, offering a bathroom that reflects style and personality.

Some of the trends that have conquered us for this season, and for which we bet in Mercury Cerámica are: the two-color tandems, the matt-glossy finish, vertical placements and clear chromatic ranges such as aqua green, transmitting a spa atmosphere.

Explore how each piece, format, finish, texture and shade of Mercury Cerámica tells a unique story in search of serenity and style for your home.