La nueva identidad corporativa de Mercury Cerámica y el catálogo general 2023-2024, galardonados en los Anuaria

Mercury Cerámica’s new corporate identity and 2023-2024 general catalog, awarded at the Anuaria Awards

The ‘Custom-made feelings’ concept and geometry were the axes of our 2023-2024 general catalog and the new brand

The decision of the Anuaria 2023 National Graphic Design Awards has recently been announced, in which two Mercury Ceramica projects have been selected. It is worth remembering that the Anuaria recognize and disseminate the excellence of graphic design in Spain, being recognized as the most outstanding awards by professionals in the sector in the country. With 30 editions held to date, these awards aim to highlight the quality of Spanish graphic design and have the backing of the main national graphic design organizations.

The alliance that Mercury Cerámica and the graphic design firm SUMMUMSTUDIO have maintained for more than a year and that has materialized in various projects has resulted in the Official Selection of two creations that extol and represent the values and mission of the brand. Specifically, the renewed visual identity presented in March and the general catalog 2023-2024 created the theme ‘Custom-made feelings’.

On the one hand, the renewed image is composed of a minimalist logo whose anagram is built from the morphology of the representative ceramic materials, combining classic elements with a modern and minimalist look. On the other hand, the catalog reflects a journey to the cultural and traditional roots of the brand, highlighting the versatility of its products with different patterns, colors and formats. The intention is to merge the traditional essence with the current technology of the rich ceramic world, offering a wide range of aesthetic possibilities.

The recognition at the Anuaria Awards is not only an achievement, it is a testament to the fruitful collaboration and trust between Mercury Cerámica and SUMMUMSTUDIO.The innovative vision of both companies and the predisposition to new ideas and to put no limits to creativity have been the catalysts that have driven these two projects of great visual, creative and strategic height.