Special pieces that give the flooring a higher quality finish and prevent dirt problems on the walls. Customizable formats and graphics depending on the project.

Why the use of ceramic skirting?


Ceramic skirting board is a durable material, with indicators of high resistance to aggressive chemicals. It protects the walls from blows or scratches that we can give them when cleaning and they allow dirt not to adhere, staying clean for longer. It is fireproof, has very good resistance to high temperatures without affecting its aesthetics or properties.


In addition to protecting the lower part of the walls, it provides continuity to the floors with the same finish, giving the flooring greater quality and aesthetics. It maintains its color stable over time.


Highly scratch resistant. Easy to disinfect from bacteria thanks to its high resistance to chemical products (unlike marble, wood or natural stones). It is a non-porous material, capable of repelling liquids and gases so that they do not penetrate the surface. The blunt edge prevents dirt from accumulating, facilitating its maintenance.


The price of the skirting board is not a barrier since it is a very profitable material due to its resistance and durability. It remains in the same conditions for years, unlike other finishes such as wood or DM.



White paste

Red paste


33% made up of recycled raw materials