Decorated pavements and the black-white pairing reappear with force

Small-format decorated ceramic pieces stand the test of time and are an incombustible trend for the home in 2023 but with a slight variation, the color ranges, which leave vibrant colors aside and lighten towards beige and gray . The ‘vintage’ and matte finish takes center stage and bathrooms and kitchens are no longer the quintessential territories of this style, which is transferred to living rooms and other rooms in the house (SOFT COTTO – CANVAS).

Another trend that has recovered in recent years is the inspiration in checkerboard floors and the black-white pairing. The small-format pieces are ideal for evoking this aspect of a revisited chess ‘board’ that migrates towards new geometric decorations (GEO) and more earthy colors (COTTO). Of course, the small-format hydraulic paving, whose never-ending intertwined shapes give a touch of uniqueness to any space. The blue remains but the warm tones become part of this lace of lines and geometric shapes (HIDRAULIC).

And finally, wood finishes continue to be the undisputed kings, as they provide that touch of warmth and charm so longed for in the home (HYATT).